Important measure for your next trip with Royal Air Maroc

Last updated 2020-06-24 21:01:02.0

To ensure that you travel in the safest possible conditions ,it is mandatory to wear a mask upon arrival at the airport and board

Hand luggage is not accepted on board (except for handbags ,baby ,bags ,laptop bags and medicine kits) and must be checked in the checked baggage compartment

Royal Air Maroc resumes domestic flights

Last updated 2020-06-24 14:30:27.0

Further to the press release of the Ministry of Tourism, Handicraft, Air Transport and Social Economy authorizing the travel by air within the Kingdom, Royal Air Maroc announces the restart of its domestic flights as from Thursday, June 25, 2020.

Flights will be operated to the following destinations:


We will gradually increase the number of frequencies and domestic destinations. The flight schedule will thus gradually evolve to cover our entire domestic network.
It should be noted that the Tangier and Marrakech destinations, which are in zone 2, are not affected for the moment by this resumption of domestic flights. In addition, and in accordance with the recommendations of the public authorities, Royal Air Maroc will put in place health security measures to guarantee the health and safety of its customers and staff.

International flights will remain suspended until further notice.

Update of Royal Air Maroc commercial measures considering the development of the COVID-19 crisis

Last updated 2020-06-01 22:51:19.0

In the view of the uncertain situation of health emergency, Royal Air Maroc is continuously adapting its commercial measures to best fit our passengers’ requests. Our customers affected by the cancellations can benefit from special measures set up by Royal Air Maroc. The possibility to change freely the date of departure and the destination as many times as desired is now a reality. The validity of the travel vouchers is extended to 18 months and it is possible to get cash refund at the end of the validity period if the voucher is not used.

Below the updated provisions with the extension of eligibility for tickets issued during the month of June and the initial date of travel until October:

• Targeted passengers : tickets issued before June 30th, 2020, in all Royal Air Maroc network including canceled flights because of de COVID 19 authorities’ restrictions. (Prime-tickets included); • Travel date: before October 31th, 2020 inclusive; • Ticket Change: unlimited changes of ticket date and destination, free of charge; • Conditions: change within the same fare class; (Tariff difference applicable in case of unavailability of the initial fare class or change of the destination) • Flight deadline: until October 31,2020 (return date can be extended beyond this deadline to keep the same duration of the trip); • Refund Individual tickets: refund by nominal voucher valid 18 months from the date of its issue. The voucher is refundable in cash on the expiry date. The voucher is issued by travel agencies or our call center at Group tickets issued / account tickets: Travel agencies have to issue vouchers on their own name to the final clients for a later use (nonrefundable and valid 18 months). Only under this condition, a refund will be allowed by Royal Air Maroc. A written agreement from RAM delegation responsible of the travel agency is needed. This agreement is given on the basis of supporting documents to provide by the travel agency (purchase order, proof of payment or any other evidence).

Fare conditions remain applicable